Here’s Where Drinking Water Advisories are Active in Ohio

School districts, churches and villages are just some of the place that are affected by insufficient drinking water quality in Ohio.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency created a map to track drinking water advisories through the Ohio public water systems.

There are currently 76 water drinking advisories in the state. However, not every advisory indicates a severe problem within the water system. Some are more urgent than others.

The Ohio EPA made note of areas where residents don’t need an alternative water source. However, if you have health concerns, you may want to consult your doctor.

Some of the areas include:

  • Brunersburg Water District
  • Campbell Soup Supply Co. (Napoleon)
  • Henry County Regional Wsd
  • Defiance City
  • Ayersville Sewer and Water District
  • Arcadia Village
  • Green Springs Village
  • Bellevue City
  • Milan Village
  • Milliron Iron and Metal
  • St. Luke Lutheran Community Church
  • Metzebaum Residence
  • Middlefield Mobile Home Park
  • West Farmington Village
  • Currie Elementary
  • Campbell City
  • Hcwsd-Unionvale-Kenwood Pws
  • Byesville
  • Maysville Regional Water
  • New Lexington
  • Creeksside Children’s Center
  • Mount Caramel West Hospital
  • Chemcote Inc.
  • Hidden Valley Mhp
  • Hamden Village

The Ohio EPA has issued boil advisories in certain areas, advising residents to boil their water first before using it to cook or clean.

  • Holy Family Catholic Church (Ottawa)
  • Woodtucky’s Just’1 More (Woodstock)
  • Fellowship Baptist Church (Dublin)
  • Wagon Wheel Mobile Home (Sterling)
  • Leisure Village (Buckeye Lake)
  • Big Sycamore Family Campground LLC (Logan)
  • Moose Lodge (Mansfield)
  • Hartville Church/Daycare of the Brethren (Hartville)

There are other areas in Ohio (mostly in western and central parts of the state) where the agency encourages residents to use alternative sources of water. The Ohio EPA detected lead, manganese and other material in the water through testing and monitoring that could be severely harmful, especially children and pregnant women.

  • Whispering Winds
  • LHS Maumee Center
  • Holgate Village
  • Hamler Village
  • Continental Village
  • Oakwood Village
  • Grover Hill Elementary School
  • Lepisic Village
  • Mcguffey Village
  • Waynesfield Village
  • Morton Buildings
  • Mt. Victory Village
  • Country Meadows Condo.
  • Chateau Estates
  • Voyager Village
  • Dayton Power and Light Co.
  • Bowersville Village
  • South Solon Village
  • Whispering Pines Mobile Park Homes
  • Clarksburg Village
  • Malta Industrial Park
  • Green Acres
  • Advanced Drainage System
  • Wayne County Care Center
  • Manchaster Administrative Building
  • Pebble Creek Convalescent Center
  • Spring Lakes Mobile Home Park
  • Bainbridge Center Building
  • Glade Run Mennonite Church School
  • FirstEnergy Corp. – Sammis South

The Center for Disease Control recommend that children and pregnant women in these areas use bottled water or water from a filtration system.

The Ohio EPA also recommended that no one drinks the water near the Holmes Cheese Co. in Millersburg. The water is said to have a large amount of manganese.

Residents in Amanda Village in southern Ohio are asked to conserve their water. The reason for it is currently unknown.

The public water system near Kenston Middle School in Chagrin Falls has provided insufficient reporting and monitoring to give any accurate data.

With this information being known, what is being done to help these areas?

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