What are we breathing

Take a deep breath in.

Now, breathe out … it’s probably toxic.

It’s possible every time we breathe we are inhaling particle pollution, a mixture of solids and liquid droplets floating in the air continuously.

No one thinks about it. It’s not like we can choose the oxygen we breathe. Rather, we choose how far away we live from bad air quality areas. These areas include places that have facilities burning fossil fuels; farms using an access of insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers; and mines releasing dust and chemicals into the air.

We also contribute to the pollution emitted into the air with items like household cleaning products and paint.

Do we know exactly what this causes to our health?

Not only does air pollution cause harm toward the ozone, acid rain, eutrophication (dense growth of plant), but it also causes health concerns for everyone.

An article from Matthew Neidell in the Journal of Health Economics took a deep dive into estimates of child hospitalizations due to the effects of air pollution. In it, he describes how there’s an estimation of an increase. This study was done in 2004 and it makes me wonder if Neidell’s estimation was correct or how health care professionals predict for the air pollution effects in the future.

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