A new pipeline may be coming to Ohio in 2019

070828-F-5811H-013Shell has proposed to begin work on a new pipeline – the Falcon pipeline – in 2019.

The 97.5 mile pipeline would run through Cadiz, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Local residents expressed concern that the new pipeline would bring a multitude of health problems.

Shell identified 25 locations that are prone to landslides in its route. Twelve of those are in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. A natural gas pipeline explosion occurred this month in Beaver County. It did not result in any serious injuries, but 25 homes were evacuated.

The explosion is attributed to a landslide that followed after heavy rains in the area. Climate change has increased the amount of rainfall, which leads to more landslides, particularly in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The proposed natural gas pipeline was protested by activists who have asked the Department of Environmental Protection to reject the permits submitted by Shell to build the Falcon pipeline.

If completed, the pipeline would be monitored from a control center in Houston, Texas.


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