What Does Zero Waste Really Mean?

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a social movement that encourages people to completely eliminate garbage that would end up in a landfill, an incinerator or the environment. Zero Waste movements have emerged all over the United States and internationally as well. Many Zero Waste initiatives start off as grassroots initiatives that blooms into statewide programs. Organizations like Zero Waste International Alliance educate people that want to create zero waste programs in their community.

Practitioners of a Zero Waste lifestyle may also get involved in a Zero Waste lifestyle to improve their quality of life. Author of 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste and Zero Waste blogger, Kathryn Kellogg wrote about why she made the transition. She found out that she had several breast tumors when she was in college and after that she became more conscious about the products that she used on her body. As she began to take her personal health more serious, she began to to pay more attention to the health the the world around her. Becoming a Zero Waste practitioner was the next logical step for her.

Auri Jackson, a Buzzfeed Fellow has written articles and produced videos about her experiences with zero waste.


Common Ways to Reduce Waste

  • Purchase A reusable water bottle
  • Use canvas bags instead of plastic grocery bags
  • Store food in reusable glass or tin containers
  • Use linen napkins and metal straws instead of one time use paper and plastic materials
  • Make your own cleaning and beauty products

Zero Waste is more than just throwing away less trash. Zero Waste practitioners are striving to create a holistic lifestyle change to promote a healthly life for themselves and the world around them. Zero Waste also has a focus on using natural ingredients and biodegradable substance to create new products. The philosophy behind Zero Waste is to create a healthy environment for humans and the ecosystems we affect.

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