Let’s go Back to Preschool – Recycling 101

In working this semester on environmental issues throughout Ohio, I have truly become disgusted in our current condition. From mines to water pollution, air pollution to pipelines, micro-plastics, invasive species and on. It truly has been depressing to see our earth be treated so poorly. I have always wondered how I can make a difference in my own home. The problems are so big how can one individual make a difference in their own life?

Back in preschool we all probably learned about recycling.  It’s the process of taking used and reusing it for new. We were all taught the basics for recycling: paper, cardboard, cans, and glass, but there is so much we were not taught. For example, you can’t throw out Styrofoam containers.  If you’re like me and want to be a green citizen, you have a lot more to learn.


The Dos and Don’ts

First thing to learn is the types of materials that can be recycled:

Can Can’t
-Plastic containers (water bottles, milk jugs, soda bottles, etc.)

-Papers (mail, telephone book, newspaper, etc.)

-Cardboard (cereal boxes, Amazon Box, etc.)

-Metals (aluminum, steel or tin)

-Glass (food containers or jars, beer or wine bottles, etc.)

-Loose plastic bags (shopping bags, or plastic stretch wrap)

-Styrofoam (egg cartons, to-go containers, cups, etc.)

-Soiled food items (anything with food residue)

-Other (broken glass, fast food packaging, plastic utensils)

-Electronics (batteries, Christmas lights, etc.)

There are many more items that can and cannot be recycled. A good way to know it visit : https://www.personalcreations.com/blog/how-to-recycle-anything or look for the symbol indicating it can be recycled.

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