The Ohio Erie Canalway, Towpath Trail undergoing changes

The Ohio Erie Canalway and Towpath Trail is a popular destination for many runners, cyclists, and kayakers in Northeast Ohio. The Towpath is a thriving environment that is constantly occupied during the summer/fall months. Many different community organizations have worked together to help reshape the Cuyahoga River ecosystem ever since the river burned for the last time 50 years ago.  Two ongoing changes will help improve the Towpath and the Cuyahoga River for the future.

The Canalway Partners teamed with government officials to break ground on the final installment of the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail on the weekend of June 24. According to WKSU, a new sewer pump was installed to reduce raw sewage levels in the river. The final area of the Towpath, from Tremont to Canal Basin Park, should be finished in 2021.

Here is a video with a quick tour of the Towpath Trail.

Bikers are also impacted by the river itself. I interviewed the store manager of Century Cycles in Peninsula, Ohio Doug Charnock. Charnock explained that the Cuyahoga River is massively important to the bike shop that he works at. He also said that clean water needs to be flowing for the ecosystem to flourish.

Here is the link to the entire Instagram TV post.

The water in the river has been getting safer steadily throughout the years. Next week on October 4, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will name the Cuyahoga River Water Trail as the 13th state water trail in Ohio. Emily Mills of the Akron Beacon Journal explained that a water trail is a recreational area of a body of water where kayakers and travelers can find access points, resources, and safety tips. There will be a ceremony held at Peninsula Shelter in Cuyahoga Falls.

The changes to The Ohio Erie Canalway and Towpath Trail are bound to help the area gain tourist activity that hasn’t been seen in years.

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