‘Rebirth’ of the River Helps Everywhere

When considering the “rebirth” of the Cuyahoga River, a lot of the focus falls on helping the surrounding environment and overall health of the river. Things like making the water safer for wildlife and trying to minimize the chances for disasters, perhaps something crazy like a fire. Some of the benefits of all the work on the river are the opportunities for more recreational activity.

Now you can add another new benefit to the improving river. The National Park Service and the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park  opened the Boston Mills Visitor Center last week. The river flows beautifully behind the center now and its incorporates other scenic views including the railway and the Towpath Trail.

The river, though, is one of the reasons projects like this now have a better opportunity to be successful. No one wants to go on a scenic trail or walk next to a river filled with garbage and that emits an odor. All the positive groups and people who helped to restore the river to a healthy state can be thanked for making it something people want to see and engage with.

The rivers resurgence can help the area to become a tourist destination that wasn’t there before. The conservancy announced plans to try and construct a bridge allowing people to cross over the river. This could become a popular spot. In the age of social media and people wanting pictures with beautiful backdrops, the river can become that spot which increases foot traffic in the area and allows some of our lesser-known spots to be promoted.

The opportunity to do all this couldn’t happen without all the hard work to improve the beauty and health of the river. Now that the river is getting to a good place the hard work can pay off in new ways that maybe weren’t anticipated before.

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