Improved Water Quality Encourages Accessibility

During a recent trip to different areas of the Cuyahoga, I was able to learn of all the ways the water is more accessible. People are boating along the river and there are various spots and trails you can now visit to see the newfound beauty of the river.

During my interview with John Debo, the Chief Development Officer Emeritus at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, he told me about how the clean up has opened up opportunities to show off the river.

Debo said, “In the past people had very little reason or need to come down to the river.”

Now the river has various trails that people can travel on to see it, in addition to recreational activity that can help you see the trail. There are multiple kayaking and canoeing companies that now dot the river that let people rent equipment to travel along the river.

Debo even said he recently saw something he never saw on the river in his many years of involvement with it. He said he saw a family tubing on the river, which is something that never would have happened even ten years ago because of the poor water quality.

The water quality control was achieved through the work of various groups and the Ohio EPA. It has allowed for all these new opportunities for people to interact with this natural resource that is right in their backyards.

With the teardown of the Gorge Dam looming, it will open up yet another spot for people to take advantage of the recreational side of the river.

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