Kids & River Stories

Second graders from Amy Hopkins’s class at Holden Elementary worked for more than a month to create poems and short stories about the Cuyahoga River. Below, see and hear each student in the class read their work. 

Declan Patterson
Lilly Jancsurak
Isaac Harder


Nora Levicky


Ja’Niyah Finley


Phoenix Budear
Jayden Amos
Mikayla Reagan


Ivan Tippey
Chance Lawrence
Noah Fankhauser
Claire Gilliland
MaLiyah Knight
Jayde Bergey


Sariyah Jones
Jace Reese
Mario Turnage
Ean Fertig


JayOnna Bowen
Bella Taylor
Fatimah Al Ramadhan

Editor’s note: A big thank you to Amy Hopkins and her class for helping create this project! 
This story was updated at the parents’ request to remove one child from the original post. 

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