About Me: Joseph Ciccolini

Hi! My name is Joseph Ciccolini and I am a senior broadcast journalism student at Kent State. I am currently in my final few weeks of college as I prepare to graduate with my bachelor’s degree. After college, I plan to use the skills I learned to obtain a sports talk job, preferably on radio.

This fall, I was afforded the opportunity to intern at 89.7 WKSU and had a few pieces make the airwaves. This allowed me to become more comfortable with my voice and it helped in my reporting on the Cuyahoga River.

I enjoy watching and discussing sports in my spare time, as well as playing basketball and baseball whenever I can. Like many lifetime residents of Northeast Ohio, I am passionate about the Cleveland Cavaliers, Browns and Indians.

In my free time I also like to watch movies—Star Wars is my favorite, but I also enjoy Batman movies and various comedies.

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