Environmental overload: where can you get involved?

I was always overwhelmed by the idea of environmental issues. I found it nearly impossible to wade through all the technical jargon, politics and constant flood of new dangers and effects. So, I gave up trying to keep track of it all. But I still felt bothered and compelled to do something. But what? I [...]

Down the drain: Where have all the microbeads gone?

I’m sure at one point, all of us owned some kind of product with microbeads in it. I remember walking down the isles of the drugstore and seeing bottle after bottle of face wash filled with those little blue beads that promised softer, clearer skin. But slowly they began disappearing. Throughout the years, concerns related [...]

The Clean Air Act of 1970: What is it?

Since 2010, more than 200 coal plants have retired across the United States and many are citing competition from cheaper energy sources as the cause. As regulations on coal have been put into place it has become less cost-effective to produce and burn coal for power increased. Most of these regulations stem from the Clean [...]