Rise for Climate – Allie Sarachene

On Saturday, September 8, 2018, tens of thousands of people marched for a transition to renewable energy to break off the dangers of climate change. The Rise for Climate is a demand for real climate action from local leaders, and people take action by marching to show the world what real climate leadership looks like. This movement is to get people to turn away from fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources. This past year, the world experienced climate impacts that ranged from heatwaves to droughts, to deadly wildfires and epic storms. The Rise for Climate organization demands action without waiting for the government to act or respond. The goal is to leave fossil fuels underground and use only renewable energy, which gives people power and economic opportunity for workers to create jobs. The communities who are impacted by the fossil fuel industry will also benefit from this, by finally getting healthier and safer environments to live in and the justice they deserve.

Marches in California took place for the Global Climate Action Summit that included cities, states, businesses and societies. More activities like rallies, voter registration and vigils took place across cities like Boston, Miami and Portland. In doing this, the community is showing that they are not giving up and want a healthier environment and climate to live in.

I think this issue is important: climate is something we all depend on, and it affects each one of us whether we like it or not. All these actions are to protest the Trump Administration, which “has sought to dismantle rules to lower greenhouse gas emissions and has thrown open vast areas of land and water to drilling.” Communities, families and businesses are directly impacted by oil refineries and coal plants. Living in such a toxic environment, they are at risk of wildfires and hazardous weather. Sustainability is defined behavior, and environmentally it relates to renewable and nonrenewable resources by harvesting renewable energy and decreasing pollution as much as possible.

Climate change is a definite thing, but our society and government both have the resources we need to create a healthier, safer environment. Sustainability goes further than just fossil fuels; it’s also used in fashion as well. By using renewable and recycled fabrics to create clothing, the fashion industry is becoming more green and earth-friendly. It even goes as far as makeup products, with new cruelty-free and vegan products. All these factors directly affect the environment, whether in a big or small way.




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