Another positive for the Cuyahoga River

Last week there were a total of 12 official water trails in the state of Ohio, but now there are 13. 

On Friday, the Cuyahoga River was named the 13th water trail in the buckeye state. 

ODNR Director, Mary Mertz, said “This is an amazing trail that goes through the heart of Northeast Ohio.” 

And she’s right. 

The Cuyahoga River 50 years later. Courtesy of The Cuyahoga River Water Trail website.

The Cuyahoga River touches almost every major city in Northeast Ohio, but it also touches small towns and villages that depend on it. 

According to Robin Goist, 25 organizations have been working since 2011 to get the river on the list of being a water trail. 

So what does this mean definition and future wise for the area? 

By definition, a water trail is a body of water like a river or lake that is specifically designed for people to use recreationally. 

Future wise, this means people can start kayaking, tubing, canoeing and much more down the river. Not saying people already don’t do because they certainly do. However, no it can be advertised as such and draw even more tourism to the area. 

Andrea Irland from the National Park Services said “famous for catching fire, the Cuyahoga is now sparking excitement about how far we have come, and what the future holds.” 


Cuyahoga River Water Trail Facebook & Website

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