Industrialization to Urbanization: How economic changes directly affect the Cuyahoga River

The Flats East Bank - left circa 1987 | Cleveland Public Library, right circa 2019 | George Hahn, idea stream Years ago before the bars, nightclubs, and restaurants Cleveland's most popular and growing area known as the Flats was considered as the hub of industrialization. The area siting between the river and the plateau of [...]

Amateur Paddlers Present Unnecessary Danger to River Recreation

Heavy rains this Summer left much of the Cuyahoga River swollen and many surrounding communities flooded. At least fifteen people were rescued in Kent alone. This led the local fire department to issue a warning to potential kayakers against paddling in high waters. John Kobak is with the Keelhaulers Canoe Club, an organization that teaches [...]

Andrea Irland: Beer, Boats and the Brecksville Dam

After an extensive campaign, the Cuyahoga River is now a designated water trail. The designation serves as an example of the river's transformation from a polluted waterway to a recreational river. Andrea Irland is with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program. She spearheaded the campaign to designate the river as a [...]

Wendy Park Bridge completion set for 2021

On November 3, my classmates and I explored Wendy Park and Whiskey Island on the Cuyahoga River. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the river. At Wendy Park, we saw families and their dogs walking along the shoreline. We really appreciated their friendliness and kindness. However, we also saw a litany of trash [...]

Native American history lives on near the Cuyahoga River

The name Cuyahoga means ‘crooked river.’ The Native Americans gave the river this name when they claimed the land in 1000 A.D. Native Americans used the river for trade and transportation. Hopewell Indians arrived in the Cuyahoga Valley first. This group of Indians was known for mound building. They grew crops and lived in very [...]

After years of pollution from Rockefeller, the Cuyahoga River is now safe for kayaking

In the mid-1800s, the city of Cleveland began using nonrenewable resources to build businesses and help grow the economy of the local area. John D. Rockefeller was the leader of oil refinement at that time. The different refineries would send pollutants into the air that would cause harm to the Cuyahoga River. At that time [...]