Wendy Park Bridge completion set for 2021

On November 3, my classmates and I explored Wendy Park and Whiskey Island on the Cuyahoga River. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the river. At Wendy Park, we saw families and their dogs walking along the shoreline. We really appreciated their friendliness and kindness. However, we also saw a litany of trash by the river and we were disgusted. Our experience was amazing though, because we were able to get footage of the river from many angles.

Edgewater Beach was the site that truly took my breath away. My classmates and I walked along the walkway between layers of rocks. The atmosphere was very pretty as water would splash up onto the rocks and on us. My classmates tried their luck at climbing rocks on dry land, but I just watched them patiently. We had an amazing time and I will never forget this experience.

After our trip, I did some research and found out that a new bridge will be implemented that will merge Ohio City and Wendy Park. The initiative will bring both series of shells together for community members to explore. The cost of the bridge will be approximately $6 million. The 500 foot bridge will help connect Cleveland to a little town called New Philadelphia that is over 100 miles south.

The implementation of the Wendy Park Bridge has been spearheaded by the Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery Grant (TIGER). In an article by Steven Litt of Cleveland.com, Cleveland Metroparks C.E.O. Brian Zimmerman explained that he is very excited for what the future holds.

“We’re thankful to our federal and local partners including the Trust For Public Land, LAND Studio and NOACA as we move forward on this transformative project reconnecting Cleveland,” Zimmerman said.

The bridge is scheduled to be completed in 2021. I can’t wait to experience the new bridge myself when it opens.

Here is a video from Cleveland.com with a flyover of Wendy Park from a Google Earth camera angle.

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