Opinion: Akron Sewer Project Hurts City’s Poor with High Rates

The term environmental justice is sweeping environmental advocacy groups and progressive political spheres alike. The term refers to achieving equality regarding access to clean water, unpolluted air and general resources across racial, gender and economic lines.  The definition of environmental injustice is when these quality-of-life markers are not met, and are unequal along these social [...]

Neglected Native History: the Cuyahoga River’s Indigenous Legacy

The Cuyahoga River is largely believed to get its name from a Native American language and to mean “Crooked River.” It’s a belief so widely held that many companies along the river, from archery ranges to auto shops, have adopted the Crooked River moniker. Even this reporting project is named after this supposed native translation. [...]

About Me

Hello! My name is Madison Patterson, and I'm a senior journalism major at Kent State University. Currently, I serve as editor-in-chief of Fusion, Kent State's LGBTQ+ magazine. Previously, I contributed to The Kent Stater, worked as an editor for A Magazine, completed an internship in Manhattan and studied abroad in Paris. Post-graduation, I hope to [...]

Misconceptions and truths about Ohio’s first residents

Cleveland is home to the contentious sports team the Cleveland Indians.  Over time, opposition swelled to the team's name and its mascot, Chief Wahoo. The racist caricature is the result of a larger lack of understanding about the history and significance of Ohio’s Native Americans. A big misconception surrounding the history of Native Americans in [...]

Everything you need to know about House Bill 6

House Bill 6 is making national headlines for not only its environmental policy changes but also its controversial corporate involvement.  HB6 was signed into law on July 26 by Governor Mike DeWine, and had been branded as cost-cutting for ratepayers and friendly toward the environment by its proponents. And it would bailout two failing nuclear [...]