Barberton: Responding to Rising Waters

The City of Barberton has a long history of flooding; more than 100 years. Barberton sits at a convergence point where Mud Run, Hudson Run and Wolf Creek all flow into the Tuscarawas River. Mayor William Judge called the city "the punchbowl of Summit County." And he's right. Residents deal with flooding nearly every summer [...]

Your local watershed

During my time in this environmental investigations class I learned a number of new things such as the growth of wildlife in the river, the river's powerful history and even how our local sewers impact the health and quality of our waterways. One of the things that my not-so-science-brained self learned this semester was that [...]

Andrea Irland: Beer, Boats and the Brecksville Dam

After an extensive campaign, the Cuyahoga River is now a designated water trail. The designation serves as an example of the river's transformation from a polluted waterway to a recreational river. Andrea Irland is with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program. She spearheaded the campaign to designate the river as a [...]

Rising Global Temperatures show trend in hurricane season, local ecosystems

We see it everywhere. It is in the news, in our social media feeds, in our weekly conversations and, depending on your view, it could be unfolding right before our eyes. Climate change is a controversial topic within our society and pressing political issue around the world. When we think of climate change two main [...]

Everything you need to know about House Bill 6

House Bill 6 is making national headlines for not only its environmental policy changes but also its controversial corporate involvement.  HB6 was signed into law on July 26 by Governor Mike DeWine, and had been branded as cost-cutting for ratepayers and friendly toward the environment by its proponents. And it would bailout two failing nuclear [...]

Why are evangelicals suspicious of climate change, and what is the cost of their skepticism?

When I was a part of conservative Christianity, enemies were everywhere. (Full disclosure: I’m not a Christian, but I was one – and kind of an intense one, to be honest – for 15 years.) LGBTQ people threatened traditional family values. NARAL and Planned Parenthood threatened the sanctity of life. Popular culture threatened our purity, [...]