Rising Global Temperatures show trend in hurricane season, local ecosystems

We see it everywhere. It is in the news, in our social media feeds, in our weekly conversations and, depending on your view, it could be unfolding right before our eyes. Climate change is a controversial topic within our society and pressing political issue around the world. When we think of climate change two main [...]

Following Post-Hurricane Debris

This blog is about all of the trash, construction materials, mud, trees and whatever else makes up the debris that needs to be disposed of following a hurricane, specifically Hurricane Dorian. Dorian hit the Bahamas as a monster, Class 5 storm on Sept. 1 and as I'm typing this, Bahamians are bracing for another storm, [...]

Natural Disasters Contribute to Pollution Epidemic

Often times, and rightly so, natural disasters are associated with death, destruction and diplomacy. But there is another concern that is often overlooked when it comes to natural disasters: pollution. Pollution comes in many forms and ultimately effects many different areas of the environment. Take Hurricane Katrine for example. The category 5 hurricane smashed into [...]