Field trips in college?

We all remember being kids in grade school and going on field trips multiple times throughout the school year.

Getting to be with all our friends, while still learning in a different way.

Suddenly, we all grew up and no longer went on these fun, learning experiences. Luckily for me and other students in my Environmental Investigations class, we recently went on our own field trip with our professor.

Just like in elementary school, this field trip brought real-life experiences you just can’t get sitting in the classroom. Field trips make learning fun. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what you are learning about.

This Sunday adventure was two things for me.

River Meets Lake from Clayton O'Neal.

First, it reminded me of how important it is for every reporter to get outside and dive into your story. How irresponsible would it be for me to do an investigative story and not go outside to see firsthand what the Cuyahoga River is like?

Second, it reminded me to get outside and enjoy nature. It’s okay to explore, climb a pile of rocks and act a little goofy with friends.

Basically, field trips are much needed for students of any age. It helps integrate learning that cannot be taught inside the classroom.


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