Greek life helps river life

It’s not every day someone is able to combine their studies, passion and service work all into one project. Brock Bavis, an environmental studies major and member of Delta Chi fraternity, was able to do just that. 

Bavis and his fraternity started cleaning the river last semester and continues this semester because he said it was needed.   

Delta Chi fraternity picking up trash along the Cuyahoga River. Efforts led by Brock Davis (right side in the blue Nike sweatshirt).

“Personally, it feels good to know I cleaned it up so other people can enjoy it,” Bavis said. 

He is the service chair for his fraternity and said it was an easy decision as why they chose to help clean up the Cuyahoga River.

“More and more people are using the river for either fishing, canoeing, tubing or whatever, so we should do our part to keep it enjoyable,” he said.

What they find when cleaning the river is not all surprising. The typical beer cans and plastic bottles. However, they did find something unusual that could not fit in a trash bag.

“This last time we went out I did find a table,” he said. 

So far, Bavis and his team have filled more than a dozen trash bags full of garbage that resided both in the water and on the banks of the river. 

Bavis and the rest of his fraternity plan to keep cleaning up the river several more times this semester. However, due to the colder weather that is sure to make its way to our area in a matter of weeks, he said it may be harder to get his members to participate. 

“It’ll be harder cleaning up in the colder weather, but I don’t think that will keep us from doing our part,” said Bavis. 

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