Back From the Brink: The Cuyahoga Earns Official Ohio Water Trail Designation

The river that is most well known for catching on fire will now begin to forge a new legacy. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources have designated the Cuyahoga River as an official water trail. This is the culmination of all the efforts by people throughout the years to clean up the river and bring back the health to the water. Various efforts including the removal of dams and treatment of water have contributed to the return of a river featuring free flowing elements and healthier water.

Throughout the past few years the efforts have continued to ramp up and have allowed for more recreational use of the river. Many people have now been able to kayak and canoe along the river. In the past the state of the river including the sludge and debris would make it unattractive to use a recreational space compared to other areas you could do those activities at.

There are various areas along the river that you can now take in and see the progress that has been accomplished through all of the efforts to clean up the water. The downtown Cleveland flats area has incorporated the river into some of the new buildings and hot spots that people can see as they visit the city. The newly acquired beauty of the river has been recognized nationally as well. The recovery of the river has been a huge accomplishment and as efforts continue it can continue to attract more people to the area as well as being a story that others can look to as inspiration to help clean up other troubled rivers in the country.

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