Taking a breath outdoors

When the weather shifts and becomes cooler with shorter days, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) comes into focus. According to WebMD millions of people suffer from the disorder.

SAD can affect people in different ways, the most common changes occur psychologically rather than physically. Symptoms include changes in mood and appetite, oversleeping, irritability and difficulty concentrating according to WebMD.

In the article people in the northern hemisphere struggle more often than those in the southern hemisphere because of the change in daylight hours that comes in the fall. Symptoms may start showing in September or October and last until April in certain cases.

The most recommended treatment is simple: sunlight. It is recommended for those dealing with SAD to get thirty minutes of sunlight in the early morning.

With daylight savings quickly approaching Cuyahoga Valley holds a solution for SAD, the hiking trails along the river offer a chance to experience nature. The river offers opportunities to kayak and to get back to nature and take a breath.

According to a Global News article, being near water increases productivity and positivity from studies showing a more positive response from participants to images with water than responses to urban images.

The Cuyahoga River offers itself as a perfect place to reconnect to blue space and take a breath of air to reset the mind as the seasons change.

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