About Me: Madison MacArthur

Hi everyone, my name is Madison MacArthur and I am a senior journalism major at Kent State University with a minor in creative writing. 

Photo credit: Madison MacArthur

I am currently the editor-in-chief of The Kent Stater and will continue in this position during the spring semester, as well. I have worked for The Stater since my sophomore year in the roles of assigning editor and reporter before becoming the editor-in-chief.

I became a journalist because of my passion: writing. The thing I get out of my major and job is my ability to share stories about the people in my community and the important events that affect their daily lives.

There are many ways I can utilize these skills beyond the scope of journalism and make a change in the world around me.  Journalists are modern-day storytellers, using others’ voices to carry a message, leave an impact and change something in the world around them.

My passions outside of working as a journalist include creative writing, amateur photography, thrift shopping with friends and being in nature, walking or just hammocking and recentering myself.

I will be graduating in May 2020 and hope to continue to bring change to the world around me by using my skills as a writer and communicator to bring people together.

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